Small Unit Community Defense
Small Unit Community Defense
Small Unit Community Defense
Small Unit Community Defense
Small Unit Community Defense
Small Unit Community Defense
Small Unit Community Defense

Small Unit Community Defense

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Community Defense is a two day tactical training course that forces our students to work their way through problems under the worst condition imaginable in modern America: a complete and total breakdown of social order. You will plan, debate, and execute missions as a team, and you will defend your decisions under fire.

You will learn everything you need to know to protect your community in bad times, and you'll be forced to grapple with and argue for ethical decisions that normal people in normal times would never have to consider. You may even learn something new about yourself, and challenge your own beliefs as you confront these scenarios.

There's a fair bit of force on force shooting in this course - but the real emphasis is on mission planning, problem solving, and decision making. 

Students can expect constant movement, constant instruction, and a steep learning curve. There will be a mix of day and night missions. 

Prerequisites: No school prerequisites, however a working knowledge of basic rifle marksmanship, including weapon function and cleaning is expected. We recommend taking Basic Rifleman first if you need to get up to speed. 

Meet up instructions and further details will be emailed to you a week before class starts. 

Course registration will also CLOSE one week before class starts to avoid the logistical problems that come with last minute enrollments. Refunds are offered prior to that one week deadline, but not after. 

All meals as well as fresh water are provided through the course. A stove heated group tent is provided November through March. We supply all blank ammunition.

Mandatory packing list:

April through October: some sort of shelter (tent, rooftop tent, covered hammock)

Sleeping bag rated down to at least 40 degrees 

Ground pad, foam or inflatable

Some method of carrying (Camelback, Nalgene, etc.) at least 2 liters of water over terrain

Metal canteen cup for coffee 

Metal bowl or mess kit for dinner - if you don't bring one you have to eat out of your hands

Spoon or spork

Thick leather gloves

Headlamp with batteries in it

Personal and prescribed medications, if applicable

Light jacket for down time in spring/summer/fall, and for movements in winter

Heavy coat, hat, and gloves for classes in winter

Waterproof, insulated winter boots for winter classes; hiking, running, or tactical shoes/boots for classes in all other seasons

Full length hiking pants, military surplus pants, or jeans; NO SWEAT PANTS, NO SHORTS

Rain jacket, and rain pants as well if you wish

Wool hiking socks x2

T shirt x 2


Ear protection (electronic preferred)

Notepad and pen, in water proof bag

Camp chair to sit in for classes, and around the fire

Military style or surplus chest rig, web gear, or plate carrier (NO PLATES)

Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) for trauma practice lanes

M4/AR15 30 round magazines x 5

Rifle or carbine chambered in 5.56 ONLY - as we will be only issuing blank rounds in that caliber

White light attached to weapon system for night operations

Civilian customers please sign up through this website. Military, law enforcement, and contractor organizations please email us at to set up a course for your personnel. 

If you're taking Community Defense in November through March, a large stove heated group tent will be provided.

If you'd like to bring NODs, thermals, drones, or any other technological device feel free, but if all you have is an AR15 with iron sights and a surplus chest rig that's fine too. A good mix of gear in the group adds to the reality of the scenarios. 

We'll be issuing blank firing adapters (BFAs) for our force on force missions. These are designed to work with the A2 flash hider. Please ensure your weapon is compatible, or feel free to bring your own BFA like the SureFire one. We have extra A2 flash hiders if you need them.

 Course held in West Virginia.