Is currently serving as the designated shooter in a US Army Sniper Detachment. Prior to that, he served twelve years in the Army working light reconnaissance, and two years as an M240B machine gunner in a line Infantry company.

A former police officer and a former Search and Rescue Instructor with over seven years of experience as a contractor in the Intelligence Community, he's been there and done that in almost every tactical job imaginable.

A voracious reader, Daniel built Future Conflicts from the ground up to share what he's learned with the tactical community and the American people.

His motto: "There's nothing I can't learn, and nothing I can't teach".


Has served in reconnaissance and surveillance units his entire Army career. Born and raised in the back woods of West Virginia, he's been hunting and fishing since before he could walk. A graduate of the Army's grueling SERE training and a sniper certified, mountain warfare certified RECCE Team Leader, Josh is regular competitor in international reconnaissance competitions.

Outside the military, Josh is also an expert mechanic, and races ATV's competitively as well.

His motto: "Give me liberty or give me death".


Has done everything in the Infantry from machine gunner to Sniper Team Leader. Civilian side, he works as a weapons subject matter expert for the DoD.

Kyle has thrived in the outdoors his entire life. In his spare time, he's constantly finding new ways to explore his passion. Camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, hunting, and rock climbing are all just a day in the life, and have all given Kyle new ways to enjoy the back country.

His motto: "Dead men tell no tales".