Light Reconnaissance (Military Only)
Light Reconnaissance (Military Only)
Light Reconnaissance (Military Only)
Light Reconnaissance (Military Only)

Light Reconnaissance (Military Only)

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In our military only Light Reconnaissance course, students will learn the harsh realities of ground intelligence collection against a peer enemy on the modern battlefield. We'll work through supply chain shortages, loss of air dominance, drone operations, electromagnetic warfare, and the Five Reconnaissance Strategies. 

This is designed for the established Recon Team to go from good to great, and it differs from our civilian course in three key ways:

1. We can cover reporting formats, TTPs, and SOPs in detail that would otherwise be shielded by good OPSEC. 

2.  We can push the training threshold to the level of reality. Our civilian classes are open to all regardless of physical fitness level. This course assumes that all students are trained and physically fit Infantrymen. 

3. We can focus the content towards OCONUS operations and all the challenges that come with that. 

Mandatory packing list:

Rucksack capable of carrying all gear

Sleeping bag rated down to at least 40 degrees 

Ground pad, foam or inflatable

Some method of carrying (Camelback, Nalgene, etc.) at least 2 liters of water over terrain

Single walled (NON INSULATED) metal water bottle

Thick leather gloves

Headlamp with batteries in it

Personal and prescribed medications, if applicable

Light jacket for down time in spring/summer/fall, and for movements in winter

Heavy coat, hat, and gloves for classes in winter

Waterproof, insulated winter boots for winter classes; hiking, running, or tactical shoes/boots for classes in all other seasons

Full length hiking pants, military surplus pants, or jeans; NO SWEAT PANTS, NO SHORTS

Rain jacket, and rain pants as well if you wish

Wool hiking socks x2

T shirt x 2


Notepad, pen, and pencil in water proof bag

Camp chair to sit in for classes, and around the fire

Military style or surplus chest rig, web gear, or plate carrier (NO PLATES)

Fully serviceable Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

M4/AR15 30 round magazines x 5

Rifle or carbine chambered in 5.56 ONLY - as we will be only issuing blank rounds in that caliber

White light attached to weapon system for night operations

Minimum 5x binoculars; maximum 15x

Military units please do not sign up through this website. Reach out to to set up a course for your personnel. We're happy to set up "train the trainer" courses for a few members of a Recon team who want to come to class, but don't have the backing of their unit. 

 Course held in Western Maryland.