Mountain Survival
Mountain Survival
Mountain Survival
Mountain Survival
Mountain Survival
Mountain Survival
Mountain Survival

Mountain Survival

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Our two day Bushcraft and Survival course provides our students with a bedrock of wilderness knowledge applicable to the hiker, hunter, and Soldier. 

We'll go through a very comprehensive course of instruction, including: wilderness first aid, tool selection and safety, fuel selection and processing, fire building, field hygiene, search and rescue, shelter construction, water sanitation, basic snaring, campsite selection, survival psychology, and recovery planning, along with real time 1 on 1 coaching from experienced Instructors during practical exercises.

Meet up instructions and further details will be emailed to you a week before class starts. 

Course registration will also CLOSE one week before class starts to avoid the logistical problems that come with last minute enrollments. Refunds are offered up until the day of registration closing. 

All food as well as fresh water is provided.

Mandatory packing list:

Sleeping bag rated down to at least 40 degrees

Ground pad, foam or inflatable

Hammock if you so desire, with straps/carabiners capable of holding your weight AND an under quilt capable of keeping you warm in winter time

6' x 8' or larger standard issue military poncho or civilian tarp with grommets or loops on the corners

100' 550 paracord or other cordage

Tent stakes x 6 that fit in your poncho/tarp grommets

Some method of carrying (Camelback, Nalgene, etc) at least 2 liters of water over terrain

Single walled (NOT INSULATED) metal water bottle for boiling water

Metal canteen cup for coffee

Metal bowl or mess kit for dinner - if you don't bring one you have to eat out of your hands

Spoon or spork

Thick leather gloves

Bic lighter x 2

Headlamp with batteries in it

Fixed blade (non-folding) belt knife, ideally with full tang blade

Small (17'' to 23'') camp axe

Small folding camp saw

Personal and prescribed medications, if applicable

Jacket or coat for the season, as well as hat and gloves if going to winter classes

Rain jacket, and rain pants as well if you wish

Wool hiking socks x 2

Hiking shoes, military boots, or running shoes; insulated waterproof boots for winter classes

T shirt x 2


Full length hiking pants, military surplus pants, or jeans; NO SWEAT PANTS, NO SHORTS

Notepad and pen, in water proof bag

Camp chair to sit in for classes, and around the fire

While this is a Survival course, we feel that being miserable during the course is an obstacle to learning. Therefore, we leave it up to the students how they would like to spend their night. If you would like to set up and sleep in the survival shelters we're going to teach you, then by all means get the full experience. If you would like to bring a tent or a rooftop tent, then feel free to do so as well. All students will practice our shelters, but you can sleep in whatever shelter you'd like.

Course held in Western Maryland. 

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